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Hello, Alina here. I'm interested in how we can improve our mental health creatively and break down mental health stigma. I believe that the answers to big questions often lie at the intersection of different fields, which is why I like integrating perspectives from different disciplines and various social groups in my episodes.

My work has been split between research and enthusing people about science, art, health, and the space between them - whether by telling patient stories through dance and music based on live body data, producing animated bitesized films or hacking children's vision as a science presenter.  I work with Katie on a research study using wearable devices to track and predict symptoms of depression at the Institute of Psychiatry. Importantly, I love the outdoors and take any opportunity to go climbing!

Hi, I'm Katie. Plugging In has been a great way of answering some of the big questions in the mental health tech field, in particular by posing them to business, policy groups and charities

I work with Alina on RADAR-CNS and am also completing a PhD, trying to work out the best way to help people engage with technology for symptom tracking, how people with depression want to view their data, and how we can work with industry to make sure health monitoring apps benefit users. It's a fast-growing field, and I love being stuck in the middle of it! In keeping with the theme of the podcast, I spend my time outside of work using apps to track my 5k run progress and to borrow other peoples' dogs. 

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