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The need to portray ourselves through images wasn’t brought by the modern world, yet the 21st century has been named ‘the age of narcissism’. Join our host Alina Ivan in exploring our love-hate relationship with selfies, and the effects of online social comparisons on our wellbeing.


Prof Sir Simon Wessely, former president of the Royal College of Psychiatrists discusses if the images that we witness online increase body image concerns. Then Prof Susan Matt & Prof Luke Fernandez, authors of the book Bored, Lonely, Angry, Stupid: Changing Feelings about Technology from the Telegraph to Twitter argue that social media has changed our inner lives. Guests also include Keisha York, managing director of the Black and Minority Ethnics in Psychiatry & Psychology Network and artist Alexandra Leigh, who found empowering opportunities through social media, using selfies as a tool for representation and creative self-expression.

Angele Galea art

This is 'Picnic Selfie' by Angele Galea, who talks about what could happen if we took selfies to an exaggerated level.

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